The robot with 5 controlled axis, electrically driven.
The control unit is constituted by a Personal Computer with Windows 7 as operative system.
The MRK5.5 robot arms are made of aluminium alloy to reduce the inertia of the objects to be handled in the programming stage; besides the arms weight is balanced with pneumatic cylinders used to minimise the handling strain on the whole trajectory.
At last the robot’s wrist geometry allows it to turn its wrist in all directions independently from the inclination of the arms, making it easier to program the painting of hard-to-reach surfaces.
Spray gun is dedicated for UV coatings, Acid catalyst and Polyurethane paints.
Technical specifications:
5 axis Robot
Power consumption 4 KVA
Weight 250-270Kg
Carrousel weight 350 Kg
Axis number 5 + 2
Loading 3Kg
Max moment on the wrist 0,75 Kgm
Dynamic repeatability 3mm
Max. single axis speed 2 rad/s
The control system requires air consumption for the conditioner corresponding to 700 nl/min.

General features of EPISTOLIO robots series MRK5.5-G
The advantage of applying a robot is, contrary to other equipments, is the ability of guarantee a constant painting quality with no waste of paint.
The EPISTOLIO robots are entirely built by EPISTOLIO in our factory (from project to mechanical and electrical building to software and technical assistance) and this represents a great advantage (both for assistance and for spares availability and for all the requested modifications according to the customer’s personal request).
We underline all the other most important advantages of our robots, made with all the most updated technology:
– their arms are in aluminium so they are very light to move (but also very resistant);
– the robot is completely controlled by an industrial PC (simple to use);

for teaching
The robots programming is made in 3 phases:
• Programs initialisation. It consists in simply adding to the actual programs list a new

program number.
• Performance of the program modules by “teach-in”. It consists in performing a painting moving by hand the robot arm that’s extremely light and easy to handle, allowing the system to store the performed movements, the OK signals to the gun, etc. A program can be made by a sequence of different modules.
• Composition of programs. A program can be made by a sequence of modules listed into a

chronological order.
• In case of teaching with a piece in continual moving on a conveyor, it’s foreseen the use

of only ONE module.
All these operations are extremely simple, in reach of an operator that can be trained in few hours.
Programs performance in automatic
The simple selection of the number of the programs allows the Robot to execute the repetition of the performed movements involving all the other eventual accessories described in the present quotation