Adhesion Tester PCE-TAT 10


Adhesion Tester PCE-TAT 10
Simple design and easy operation for daily adhesion tension testing / Glue with fast curing base allows the user to perform tests in a shorter time frame

The simple design and an absolutely straightforward operation make it possible for the practitioner to use the adhesion tester as an instrument for daily adhesion tests. Using adhesive with rapid curing, the tests can be performed by the user in the shortest possible time.

The pull-off type adhesion tester is designed for measure the adhesion value of paints and other coatings on the base and between layers or cohesive materials. The tensile adhesion tester PCE-TAT 10 is manufactured according to EN13144 and ISO 4624.
The testing with the mechanical tensile adhesion tester PCE-TAT 10 is performed in the following way. On the testing cover a dolly is glued and, after the glue is dried, it is pulled-off with the spring-system of the device. The force which is applied for pulling-off the glued dolly is displayed as a numerical value on the scale of the device. This value is the value of adhesion.


Technical specifications
Breakout force 200 kg
Diameter of base dolly, mm 15.1 (№ 1) and 19.5 (№ 2)
Specific breakout force, MPa Dolly №1 up to 10 MPa (100)
Dolly №2 up to 6 MPa (60)
Scale, MPa 1 (№ 1) and 2 (№ 2)
Weight of adhesion tester, kg, no more 1
Dimensions of adhesion tester, mm 150×70
Dimensions of package, mm L180*W150*H100


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