Automatic spray gun for spray robots Air Pro High Tech

Automatic spray gun for spray robots Air Pro High Tech

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Gun control is done pneumatically by opening / closing the air valve in the regulator to the gun. For paint and power management, the manufacturer recommends the use of control valves and air and paint controls before the gun.
For the best and precise application of plastics on plastic products, we offer the use of this model, which allows the adjustment of the flow rate of the spray gun through the depth of the needle and the adjustment of the torch respiration and paint spraying.
The hightech version of the pistol through the special type of air diffuser allows you to work with very fine adjustment of the jet and the amount of paint. This method and technology is used to achieve the best finishing quality

Technical parameters Values
Maximum paint pressure to gun 7.0 bar
Maximum working pressure for air 7.0 bar
Operating air pressure of 3-5 bars
Cylinder working pressure Up to 7.0 bar
Cylinder response time in / out 60s.
Maximum paint flow rate 0.12 ÷ 0.6 l / min.
Normal operating pressure of the fluid From 28 bar
Maximum air consumption 250 – 700 l / min
Accessory size for dusting air 3/8 ”
Connecting cylinder size 3/8 ”
Accessory size for 1/4 ”
Technical parameters Values
Temperature range for paint 0-49оС
Weight 680
Weight together with pneumatic valve 870g.
The area of the torch
Depending on the choice of the nozzle – a 250mm coverage
Gun making materials Stainless steel for greater abrasion-absorbability, Carbide, Aluminum, Polymers

Spray gun is dedicated for UV coatings, Acid catalyst and Polyurethane paints.


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