Spay machine for composite resins – Gelcoat and Polyester resin Graco FRP

Spay machine for composite resins – Gelcoat and Polyester resin Graco FRP


FRP SystemsProportioners and Guns for Gel Coat
Lower cost of ownership
• Easy maintenance – fewer repair parts
• Long-lasting seals mean less downtime for maintenance
• Pumps last longer between planned maintenance
Gravity Fed Catalyst System
• Keeps the catalyst pump primed
• No surge bottle necessary – less parts, less solvent,
and less resin needed to prime the pump
Control Panel
• True user interface with all gauges in one location
Stable, Lightweight Cart
• Easy to manoeuvre
Adjustable ratio control
• Allows quick ratio changes
Manual relief valve
• Easy startup, shut down
and maintenance
Catalyst gauge
• Easy-to-read gauge for
verification of catalyst fluid flow
New Linkage and Catalyst Pump
• Truly engineered linkage for superior ratio control
• Allows infi nite adjustment of catalyst percentage – no tools required
• Ensures proper catalyst percentage and optimum results
• Operates at any desired catalyst percentage

Graco NXT® Air Motor
• Shortened stroke on pump for better pattern
• Industry proven for reliability
Balanced Air Motor
• Provides same output pressure
on upstroke and downstroke
• Results in more consistent spray pattern
Quick-disconnect front end
• Increases production time, reduces clean-up time
• Easy shutdown procedures – simply place front end
or whole gun in solvent
Lightweight and ergonomic handle
• Less operator fatigue
Air Assist Containment (AAC®)
• More material on the part, less on the floor – saves material costs
• Promotes a healthier work environment due to less overspray
Lightweight and ergonomic handle
• Less operator fatigue
Unique needle clamp design
• Designed to retain the factory adjustment
• Eliminates need to adjust needle setting
after routine service

Graco RS Chop Guns and Graco RS Gel
Coat Guns are both available in internal
and external mix models.

Easy maintenance
• Whole gun may be placed in solvent
• O-rings and seals are solvent-resistant
• Virtually eliminates downtime for unscheduled maintenance

AAC improves your profi t picture
• All Graco RS guns feature the patented
AAC technology
• Reduces material waste – which results
in more molds per drum of material
• Precise catalyst delivery and reduced particle
velocity assure the highest quality fi nish
• Less overspray means a healthier
work area for employees

Solvent Flush Kits- in case of use RS internal mix gun
16M560 Diaphragm Pump Solvent Flush Kit – 9.5 l (2.5 gal)

When you buy a drum of resin, you pay for every drop of material.
It makes good economic sense to put as many of those drops as
possible on the mold.
Air Assist Containment (AAC) technology wraps the spray
pattern in a containment shield of air – preventing atomized
droplets from escaping the spray pattern. Droplets that escape
and end up on the floor, wall or employee’s clothing are a waste
of money.

AAC creates a spray pattern where the droplets travel to the
mold at very low pressure. The low speed or “particle velocity”
creates very little turbulence or disturbance in the liquid when the
droplet makes contact with the mold. Competitive spray guns with
higher “particle velocity” create a great deal of turbulence when
the droplets impact the mold. Turbulence creates air entrapment
which results in porosity. AAC spraying dramatically reduces
the chances of air entrapment and porosity.


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