Spray system for road airless striping application Thermolazer

Spray system for road airless striping application Thermolazer


In 1995, Graco® introduced it’s first walk-behind solution

for airless paint striping. Each new generation introduced new technologies and features, and made the Graco LineLazer™ the standard in airless walk-behind

striping units. The ThermoLazer™ A handliner to apply thermoplast materials, is the logic ‘next step’ in our commitment to continuously improve and exceed our professional striping contractors.

The Thermolazer offers the most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper. But sometimes good isn’t good enough. The ThermoLazer™ ProMelt A fast melt, on-board handliner system: The THERMOLAZER PROMELT. Melt one bag in less than 8 minutes. This patent pending system will soon become the new industry standard for years to come.

SmartDie™ II and removal system allows you to quickly exchange a wide range of dies, without using any tools.

PaddleMax™ vs QuadMelt™ Agitation System On the PaddleMax Dual mixing hopper the paddles provide 50% shorter “throw” for less fatigue and improved mixing of material on ThermoLazer. The four chamber Quadmelt System can melt 135 kg of material on-board in less than 1 hour, doubling your daily productivity.

Parking lots, pedestrian crossings, signs, junctions & central reservations, bike paths, airports, drive-through areas … no problem. The ThermoLazer has been designed to melt down and apply almost all thermoplastic marking materials, alkyd as well as hydrocarbon in bags and/or blocks. A wide range of dies allows you to stripe single lines (5 – 30 cm), dashed lines as well as double lines using the ‘double line’ screed box. Using stencils allows you to draw legends, stop and warning signs.


4-Position Bead Adjustment System

Control the bead flow with simple, no-tool adjustment. The dispenser injects the beads mechanically into the material. Double bead drop system (option) allows for dual bead drop and conforms to DOT requirements.

SplitBead™ Hopper System

Over 40 kg split between two connected chambers. A simple double bead drop kit converts the unit in minutes!



Breakthrough technology allows you to melt 135 kg of thermoplastic on board in less then 1 hour. It is like a

premelter on wheels, avoiding extra cost for a separate kettle. Finally a solution for MELTING and APPLYING

THERMOPLASTIC without the hassle of premelters.


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